Friday, June 19, 2009

10 years goes fast..

Chris and I just got back from an awesome southwest roadtrip to mark 10 years together! (more pics on his blog, too)
Saw some really cool recreated ancient fish and dinosaurs:

At each campsite we were surrounded by awesome wildlife:

Saw the Grand Canyon!

And just to embarrass Chris- here's us in the beginning. Ah, to be 15 and skinny again! (His expression in this cracks me up)


Wythe Bowart said...

Hah! You guys are cute. When can we visit? When you gonna visit? When when?

lucipetunia said...

Beth! I miss you. Also, your iPhone game illustrations are awesome! I think we need to write a book together. I'll write it, you illustrate it. See what we come up with, it could be interesting. :)

Love you lots! Call me soon to catch up!


PS- did you notice Chris is pinching you in the photo of when you first started dating?? :)

About The Mixing Bowl said...

Seriously, I thought Colin and I were the only couple out there that's been together for 10+ years. Hopefully if my dreams come true Colin and I will be getting hitched next fall. Hope to see you soon. Miss you guys :)