Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hey! we need to stop this "Orphan works" Bill that could get passed.
I normally don't post stuff like this, but this is a serious situation.
I strongly urge you to research this bill for yourself and learn the real threats that will affect us all.
**Here is a very important site that has prewritten well-worded letters that will automatically be sent to your state representatives- all you have to do is fill out your info and click. Do as many as you can!!

This is a really big deal, it concerns the future of all artists- It would basically legalize the theft of any and all found artwork that is not specifically and individually copyrighted, known in this bill as "orphan works". It is a scary thought that people could find my artwork, use it for their own moneymaking, and I wouldn't have the legal right to stop them or sue them.
It will destroy what artists (of all kinds) have worked very hard to make a respected and fair livelihood.
please help stop this from happening!
Many people are sending in letters to their government representatives about stopping this, which is excellent. I would strongly suggest doing that.

I was able to find a couple petitions online that need signatures- all you have to do is sign- you owe it to yourself as an artist!
here are the two links to sign the petitions:

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