Wednesday, March 26, 2008

NY Society of Illustrators Student Show!

These two pieces were accepted into the Society of Illustrator's Student show in New York, woo hooooooo!
I'm super stoked about it, and I really want to congratulate my buddies from the academy that also made it in, you guys rock!

step one: New York, step two: THE PLANET!


carissa said...

Gratz on society! im so happy for you guys and jealous at the same time! this is a great semester!

Mark Meyers said...

Congratulations! You definitely deserve it, your work is awesome.

Ivan Moy said...

sweet work beth! congrats!

Betty said...

thanks guys!! much appreciated, I'm so stoked =)

demhar said...

congratulations Betty I wish you all the best luck!!

fil said...

congrats betty!!!!! :)

koanne said...

im late!! but congratulations beth!!!! so proud of u!!! your work makes me smile! =D

Carol said...

OOOOO I am SOOO proud of you !!!! You totally deserve this kiddo!!

rosa said...

love your fashion girl
i`m a fashion addict,i made jewellery.
nice to meet you
congrat for you job!